Acting as General Agent and Port Handling Agent at designated port for vessel either for discharging or loading purposes. Responsible for berthing vessel at designated port and its Master, Officers and crews. This include fulfill vessel’s requirements i.e. bunker, fresh water, provisions, repairs etc. Coordinating with consignees, receivers for discharging or loading operation at port. Also includes obtaining clearance form Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Harbour Master.

As operation at branches is carried out independently, in order to smoothen operation at port a Port Captain from head office is always assigned. In the case of no branch office at a designated port, a sub-agent will be appointed to carry on the operation but with a supervision of a Port Captain and head office.

Right from the beginning Puradika was supported by many business friends and was able to obtain appointmentsfrom major charterers in Indonesia and foreign principals.

Branch Offices at various ports such as Batam (Batu Ampar), Teluk Bayur, Kuala Tanjung, Banjarmasin and other ports being opened.


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